3-3000 Pancreas

Pancreas notes

Food in our stomach is mixed with hydrochloric acid and other _________________ juices.
We don’t want acid in our intestine because it would ________ the intestinal lining.
The pyloric sphincter controls when the ___________ contents leave to enter the duodenum.
In the curve of the duodenum is the ______________ which produces _________________ juices that can digest carbohydrates, ________ and _______________.
These digestive juices are full of ______________________ and are extremely alkaline.
The pyloric sphincter allows one or two ___________________ of food to enter the duodenum where the pancreas squirts _________________ __________ on the food to neutralize the acid. This is the perfect mixture to digest _____________.
Starches are chains of simple ___________ which plants make through photosynthesis. They are little coiled springs of energy. These have names that end in the letters ___- ___- ___.
This is what we burn for ___________. When the plant stores these sugars they are linked together in long chains called _____________.
When we eat ___________ enzymes from our pancreas break the bonds and we burn the ____________ for ____________.
The part of the pancreas that deals with digestion (the exocrine part) is generally _______________.
Foods that are good for the rest of our digestive system will keep our duodenum and pancreas healthy.

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