3-4000 Liver

Protein digestion begins in the _______________.
Carbohydrate is digested from enzymes from ____________ and pancreatic digestive juices.
Fats are a nutrient we _______. The problem is that oil and __________ don’t mix.
Our cells and bloodstream are ______________; special molecules, with two different ends, help fat to dissolve in water.
Molecules with a fat soluble end and a water soluble end are called ____________________.
Our liver makes detergent called _________ that is secreted into the intestine where it mixes with fats in our food so that the _______ can be delivered to our watery cells.
Between meals the bile is squeezed back into a ________ called the gallbladder.
When you eat a _________ meal some of the bile is squeezed onto the food so the fat can be absorbed.
The biggest problem with the gallbladder is _______________. They form when the bile is saturated with too much ________________. It’s a common problem but with no symptoms it is better to leave them alone.
The culprit is usually a diet high in meat and __________. Gallstone symptoms will go away if you eat a low ______ diet.
Many times the gallbladder is removed but then there is no place to store the _________ and it continually drips into the intestine. This irritates the _______________ because there is no food there.
If you eat less ______ you need and produce less bile. If you eat a high fiber diet, the fiber will mix with the bile and cause ______ irritation.
For a healthy __________ and gallbladder, eat a low fat, high fiber diet. This means lots of vegetables, whole grains, ______________ and fruits.

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