3-5000 Small Intestine

The small intestine is about _______feet long. Because of the villi that line the intestine there is a tremendous amount of surface area.
We need all that surface area because the small intestine is where all the nutrients are ______________.
Dietary ___________ cannot be digested by humans. The fibers flow right through our intestinal tract.
The nutrients are absorbed and they end up in the ___________ where a lot of chemistry takes place.
The small intestine digests food until it is mostly ___________. This is called chyme and is very important.
Absorbing the chyme is the job of the __________ intestine.
The small intestine absorbs __________________ we swallow; it does not discriminate between great food and harmful toxins.
The best thing to do is eat only the __________ foods and not make our body do extra work to get rid of harmful substances.

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