3-6000 Large Intestine

Large Intestine notes
Dietary fiber is not absorbed in the small intestines. ___________ flows through our system doing a lot of valuable work along the way.
Once the small intestine has absorbed the ________________, the contents are called chyme. In the large intestine _____________ from the chyme is reclaimed.
Food goes through our system in five to six hours but it takes about ________________hours for food (chyme) to go through the large intestine while the water can be ________________.
The large intestine has ___________ parts. The appendix is attached to the first part.
The appendix can be a problem but it is not because of eating ______________ or nuts. If the ___________ it produces cannot drain out, the appendix can become infected.
The cause of this problem, at the opening of the appendix, is ________.
There is very little appendicitis when people eat a high _____________ diet of plant foods.
The _________________ is a valuable organ.
The large intestine can move material along easily if there is a lot of ____________present. Without fiber the material moves slowly and results in _______________________ and colon problems.
If the intestines must squeeze hard to move the contents along, _______________ builds up and weak spots can pop out like little _______________. This is called diverticulosis.
If the “balloons” get clogged they can get ______________________.
Eating Food Coach style meals can help move material through the colon and the diverticula will ___________ ______.
Other problems can occur too… hemorrhoids, varicose ______, hiatal __________.
The solution is to consume lots of ____________ and ___________, plus fruit. And be sure to exercise.

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