3-7000 Gut Bacteria Pt 1

Your small intestines are where nutrients are _______________.
The intestinal walls are lined with little projections called villi that ______________ the surface to about the size of a tennis court.
Our body is made up of ____________ trillion cells. We have about ______________ trillion microbes in and on our body. The _________________ in our intestines are called our gut microflora.
Intestinal bacteria perform several functions: promoting and regulating immune function, nutrient absorption, producing small amounts of vitamins, ______________ cholesterol, _______________ hormones and creating an environment that is _______________ to pathogens.
The _________________ are controlled, in part, by gastric acid and bile acids.
Dysbiosis can cause problems that leave our body ___________________to disease. Common conditions are infections, acne, diarrhea, irritable bowel, psoriasis, autoimmune disease, asthma and ______________, and even inflammatory bowel disease.
Some causes of dysbiosis are _______________ use of antibiotics, using NSAIDS (non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and a _______________diet.
Pathogenic bacteria feed on _____________remnants but friendly bacteria feed on plant remnants.
Unfortunately, antibiotics can ____________ both the bad and the good bacteria.
Getting and keeping a ____________ microflora is important to our health.

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