3-7100 Gut Bacteria Pt 2

Huge amounts of antibiotics are used by _____________ who can buy it and feed it to animals, without regulation.
Most likely, every time you eat any non-organic meat you are ingesting _______________, which destroy microflora.
One job of the ________________is to repopulate the gut but many people have had their appendix removed.
Ingesting a lot of antibiotics can _________________ and deplete the appendix.
If the gut bacteria have been wiped out it cannot be ________________ by diet alone; probiotics must be taken.
Probiotics must not be confused with prebiotics. Prebiotics are like _____________ for beneficial micro-organisms. They can be taken as a supplement but are also found in ___________ foods.
A healthy diet provides plenty of prebiotics for the probiotics to feast on; with a good diet, additional prebiotics are _______necessary.
Dairy foods are ________ good sources of probiotics. There are not enough of the bacteria in these products to _______________ the microflora.
Each of us has the same types of microflora but the _______________of each type is unique to each person; it’s like fingerprints.
Only a very small percentage of bacteria are harmful and most are ____________.
_________% of the known pathogens enter the body through the GI tract.
Healthy gut bacteria can increase the natural _________________ to viruses, yeast and harmful bacteria.
Our goal is to have more _______________bacteria than pathogenic bacteria. Eat Food Coach style meals and you will grow more beneficial bacteria.

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