4-3100 Heart Disease

Over 600,000 thousand people die of heart disease each ___________ (1600 every day).
The main culprits are too much _________ and cholesterol plugging up arteries.
We are born with clean arteries but they get clogged by the ________ we ___________ to eat.
During World War 2 Europeans had to give up animal foods for plant foods and heart disease rates ________________.
Most of the risk factors are related to ________and lifestyle.
Smoking, lack of exercise and too much stress are _______________ factors.
Blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, triglycerides, diabetes and obesity can be ____________ by diet.
Statistics tell us that medications and surgeries used for this disease don’t prolong __________ or improve the _____________ of life.
Heart disease can be prevented and many times _________________.
The less fat and cholesterol the easier it is for the body __________ ______ the plaque-filled arteries.
Dr. Dean Ornish studied two groups of men with advanced heart disease. One group ate a diet of 10% fat the other ate a diet of 30% fat (30% fat is the American Heart Association’s Prudent Diet). The low-fat diet group _______________ cholesterol levels and heart disease began to reverse. The high-fat group had no drop and their disease _____________________.
Heart disease can be prevented and even ___________________ with a truly healthy diet.
We have been blessed with _________-_________________bodies.
Medicine may offer ______________ term relief but our well designed body works to heal itself; be sure you are eating a Food Coach style diet.

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