4-3200 Cancer

There are about 600,000 deaths from __________ each year.
Most of these cancers could be prevented by taking _________________ we already know about.
About half of the most dreaded cancers we now about can largely be attributed to excessive ______ in the diet and too much body ___________.
Cancer producing chemicals (carcinogens) can only be linked to about ____% of the cancers we see.
Links between ____________ and dietary factors like fiber and fat are becoming more obvious to researchers.
In countries where fiber intake is high and fat intake is low the rate of cancer is ______________.
Differences are not due to ethnicity. Healthy Japanese people living in rural areas who migrate to a Western country (the USA), and adopt a Western diet, have cancer rates __________ ____ that of Americans.
Our body produces _______ to digest the fats we eat. These bile acids can _____________ the colon if they are in contact for long periods.
Fiber mixes with _____________ to create bulk and dilute the bile acids and gets the bile out of our system in 24 to 36 hours.
A diet with very little __________ but lots of fat would cause a lot of bile acids to be produced which would irritate the colon for long periods.
Simple changes could _________________ a lot of cancer. No smoking, no alcohol, lots of fiber from plants (not Metamucil type products), low fat plant foods and a healthy weight would ____________ cancer risks.

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