4-3300 Diabetes

We now know enough about diabetes to ______________it.
The number of diabetics has increased by __________ times since 1990.
Blood sugar levels must be kept at certain levels; __________ levels are dangerous.
Our digestive system breaks down ________________________ into a simple sugar called glucose.
Glucose must get into our cells to nourish them. Our ______________ produces a hormone (insulin) that attaches to a receptor on the cell’s surface which allows the _____________ to enter.
Without insulin our cells cannot accept glucose and in builds up in our blood. If the receptors have been ______________ the insulin cannot get in.
Too much blood sugar can damage blood vessels causing ________________, kidney failure, _________ attacks.
This inability to accept _________________ is called insulin resistance.
Excess fat is the main problem because it __________ the receptor and insulin cannot do its job which is to allow glucose to _____________ the cell.
Nearly a century ago researchers discovered that a diet of ________ could cause insulin resistance in non-diabetic people.
Reducing fat in the diet gives the cells a chance to ___________ ______ the fat.
Nearly ___________ plant food contains some fat and also contains the _____________ to make it a valuable nutrient that won’t clog our cells.
Keep animal foods to a minimum and learn to cook without using fat to ______________ fat consumption.
Follow a Food Coach meal plan at every ___________ and mini-meal.

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