How does the bathroom scale show my progress?

It doesn’t! When we say we want to lose weight what we really want to do is lose “fat”. You can go on a crash diet and lose 4 pounds over a weekend but you have really just lost water. The scale will reflect that but it isn’t helpful.

Our weight is made up of water, muscle and fat. Fat takes up more space than muscle but muscle weighs more. That means you can weigh more and be smaller if you have more muscle and less fat. Get rid of the bathroom scale and get a tape measure. Measure your hips and your waist… this is a better way to measure your progress. When the tape measure goes down, the fat is going down too. That’s what we are after… keep the water, gain more muscle and lose fat. One great way to make this happen is to exercise.

By the way, your waist is halfway between the top of your hipbone (on the side) and the bottom of your ribs. So write down your waist and hip measurement and, if you must get on the scale, do it every couple of months.

Ask Yourself: Does the scale disappoint me when it doesn’t move and allow me some “treats” when it does?

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