What is the cost of healthcare?

The US Department of Health and Human Services reported recently that the cost of health care will be $8,160 per person this year (2017). The projected cost in 2018 (per person) is $13,100. Do you agree that this is a lot of money? Now… everyone is trying to figure out how to pay for all this. But rather than looking for more money to pay for skyrocketing  medical costs, let’s consider another viewpoint.

Patients get the intended result, from most of the regularly prescribed medical treatments, a very low percentage of the time (less than 10%). Since this is the case the bigger question is: why are we subjecting people to these procedures if they are not effective? Trying to find more money to continue doing something that is unnecessary and not helpful seems crazy. Perhaps a better solution would be to move toward an excellent diet and excellent lifestyle habits. That way we would not need so much medical help and the cost of “healthcare” would not even need to be discussed. But that will take some time to get under way.

What should the average guy (like you and me) do right now? We should do everything we can to stay healthy and strong and out of the doctor’s office. Healthy people don’t need a doctor… okay, I will admit that getting your teeth cleaned is a good idea. We want to stay well by choosing well and being informed about the risks and benefits of any procedure that is recommended to us. By doing this there will not be a big need for medical services in your future… and that’s great!

Ask Yourself: Should I work to keep my health and stay away from spending time and money on healthcare?

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