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Your current health, your current weight,

what you have done, and where you are now,

matter very little compared to what your future health could be.



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Lessons 1-9

What is a healthy diet? There are a lot of opinions and the information is confusing. The good news is that we have solid evidence from good research studies that agrees with the information found in the Bible. There are only three nutrients that give us calories but how do we consume the needed number of calories and avoid excess? How do we read nutrition labels to determine the value of a food? Which foods satisfy our hunger and which foods keep us looking for more?

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Lessons 10-17

There are fats that occur naturally in the food we eat. There are also fats that are man-made. Do we need all the various fats? There is fat in each of the foods we eat but there are different kinds in different amounts. What does our body need? Which fats can our body make, and which fats must be eaten? How easy is it to get all the necessary fat? What is junk food and how can we determine which foods can be called “junk”?

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Lessons 18-25

Protein was discovered in the 1800s long before the discovery of vitamins. We need protein but how much? How is a protein made? Amino acids are assembled in particular patterns for each type of protein. There are thousands of different proteins. Do we need to consume protein, or do we need to consume the individual amino acids that are in our foods? What about vitamin and mineral supplements? Do we need them or do we get enough in our food?

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Welcome to Today! The Fountain of Youth

  • Working with “The Food Coach” has been the beginning of a life changing experience.

    Learning why I should include more macro nutrients in my diet and why certain foods should be eliminated has been enlightening to me. When we know better, we can do better. I was inspired when I lost a couple of inches from my waist and noticed my clothes fit better after two weeks. Even my nails are getting the nutrients they need – they began to grow. I’m excited and I am enjoying trying new recipes and making healthy choices. I also noticed I have more energy, I am enjoying power walking & planning on becoming even more active. Movement is good and making healthy choices is a revelation – I am living life to the fullest. I know this concept of sharing this information has been orchestrated from God to “The Food Coach”. I am very thankful for this divine journey.

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