Amazing Design

Girl playing in the ocean

Within the complexity of our bodies is an amazing design of intricate mechanisms that keep us healthy, energetic, lean and functioning very well. If we deal with any sort of disease, have unwanted symptoms, can’t move without stiffness, or have weight problems, we can change those conditions. We have a body that is always working toward health and wholeness but it is possible for our repair systems to be overwhelmed by the workload we unwittingly place on them. We have the knowledge needed to allow our bodies to come back to the healthy state they are always seeking by basing our food choices on information that is based on the Bible and supported by good research. If you do not find a better way to choose your meals that is sustainable for you, what will your health be like 10 years from now? By discovering the foods that we want to maximize and those we want to limit, we can Choose Well each day.