Let’s Be Healthy

Female long distant runner

More than ever I am determined to stay well. We have the information to stay well, stay productive, stay mentally sharp, become a blessing to others (instead of a burden). Therefore, let’s be proactive and stay productive.

“How do we do that?”, you say. Actually, it is very simple…we focus our eating on whole plant foods as much as possible, basing our diet on a variety of vine-ripened, fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes and grains. There you have it. If it weren’t so simple and so inexpensive people might buy into it but it doesn’t have a fancy label or a fancy price tag. Oh yes, we also need a pair of walking shoes and maybe some weights (a couple of books would work).

Let’s get started. If you are already started, let’s continue. This healthy journey we are on is tasty, inexpensive and very worthwhile. You will NOT be sorry.