Three Questions

girl thinking

  1. Do you want someone telling you what to eat? yes | no
  2. Do you want to find out that your favorite dessert is off-limits to you… forever? yes | no
  3. Do you have to measure every bite you eat and count every calorie? yes | no

Answer Key:  No, No, No

We have to eat to live.
We are supposed to enjoy what we eat.
We should feel good after we eat.
And our food should support our active lives and add to the enjoyment of everything we do.

Experiencing energy and good health is easy. However, most of us need some support and encouragement to make things happen. If you have tried to improve your meals and have failed, or have never tried before, call the Food Coach to find out if the Choose Well Plan is right for you. You will be so pleased when you learn to Choose Well.