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What is the CHOOSE WELL Plan

The CHOOSE WELL Program, created by Dr. Peggy Kuhn, The Food Coach, will guide you to a better understanding of the role of food in your life. With her experience and expertise in nutrition, and her sincere dedication to creating healthier lives, you can benefit from this information as you make daily changes and commitment to living well. The changes you make will deliver the optimal results.

You’ll learn which foods to eat over others. You’ll try delicious meals you may not have ever considered with recipes that are easy and full of the nutritional value you need to live healthier. You’ll not only feel better, but you’ll look better and you’ll have more energy than you thought possible. And Dr. Kuhn will help you every step of the way, encouraging and teaching, as your personal food coach.

Dr. Kuhn has held numerous meetings and seminars for groups of every size. And she can help you customize the CHOOSE WELL Plan to best suit your personal needs and goals. Remember, although each person is different, and results may vary, you can choose well.

Could you benefit from the CHOOSE WELL Plan?

Ask yourself these questions:

Do you have a medical condition that precludes you from making diet changes of any kind?
Do you have a strong desire to improve your health?
Are you open to learning about changing what you eat for the better?
Are you willing to spend some time learning new habits and try new things?
Are you willing to work with a food coach?

Perhaps now is the time to make the changes you’ve wanted in the way you eat and live. When we understand the “why” behind the choices we make, we can eat well and, more importantly, stay well. The CHOOSE WELL Plan will help you to do that…easily and inexpensively.

When you have reliable information, you make wise choices. When you make wise choices, you will get good results. Getting good results inspires you to form good habits and create a healthy mind and body. You can choose well today!

You will enjoy an introductory phone session plus short phone calls, emails and recipes to support your efforts. On the “Ask the Food Coach” website, you will have over forty short videos to watch and study guides to review at your own pace. You will learn about the best choices for meals and what to expect from the changes you decide to make. The choice is yours. Eating well includes foods that are full of nutrition and are very satisfying. There is no hunger on this plan … just good choices. Choose Well!

For more information, use the contact form to get in touch with Dr. Kuhn.

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